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Taking a stroll through Crofton Park

As I'm local to the area I constantly see so many sash windows in Brockley. I continue to see them time and time again in the Crofton Park area. The next time time your local to the area take a look away from your mobile phone and see how many sash windows you can spot on all the buildings. Not all just residential either there are many commercial premises that take advantage of the beautiful designs. A key commercial premises that come to mind is Jack Studio Theatre. Anyone who's from the area knows about this Theatre and they have plenty of comedy and music nights run throughout the year. There is even an annual Festival new plays which is graciously supported by Lewisham Council and provides a great community activity among the people. Next time you're taking a stroll through this area take a mental note have all of the windows you spot. The area has a lot of character and there are many houses that reflect this. Which is why we love serving our local customers in this area on a consistent basis. Also due to the large amount of sash windows in this area we are capable to provide this one and only service all day long. Which is remarkable as most tradesman can not only get by on providing one specialised type of service. Most builders will do all different types of extensions, complete loft conversions, add interior walls and so on. Likewise, with plumbers they will undertake bathroom fitting, boiler installations, heating and much more. This is why so impressive that we only provide a specialised service in the windows industry. You'll be able to get your head around how we can only offer one specific service would you take a walk around the Crofton Park area.
Because over the years we've only chosen to provide this one type of service, we have truly become an expert of our craft. We've far surpassed the glazing and window companies that never specialised the way we did. Enabling us to provide a service like nobody else can because our efficiencies attention to detail can't be matched by another company.
For a long time message to thrive alone on local referrals and word of mouth. Servicing London locals is brilliant for word of mouth. Because everyone is already so congested and there's such a high population density throughout all of the boroughs. This means people are and much more open and they almost have to speak to each other. Allowing a great amount of social community throughout the boroughs which drives local companies as customers love to express products and services that were a pleasure to receive. Most people think residential is where you'll get the most word of mouth and sometimes this can be the case. However, helping out commercial premises can drive you much more business moving forward in terms of referrals. Commercial businesses are in operation mode and they want jobs to be done quickly and on time so they can make money. Which is brilliant for our tradesman as this means what we give them a quote are likely to respond quickly and we can finish the job in a timely manner. But also these premises owners regularly network with premises owners and if someone has provided them with a good service I'm more than happy to spread the word if they're in a similar predicament. So if you find yourself walking nearby to the park or even the theatre take a look at some of the premises some of the residential property we've most likely serviced those people. And if by any chance you live locally to the area be sure to pass on our company and our services for anyone looking for a trustworthy and transparent company to work with. You can contact us any day of the week always happy to help out the local customers as it means we don't have to get stuck in as much traffic I can stay away from any congestion charges most of the time.

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