Repair and Restoration
Total repair service for East London!

People are often surprised at how damaged a window can be and that it can still be repaired. Whether your window has broken from your hinges, the locks have gone, the glass is broken, you’ve got rot… All these problems can easily be fixed by our skilled tradesman. It certainly wasn’t easy 30 years ago but by this point we’ve become well accustomed to solving any and all sash window damages to form excellent repair solutions.

sash window repairs in East London

Are your windows due a repair? If you’re anywhere in East London, we’re close-by and ready to help!

Cost Effective Sash Window Repair in East London

If you want to save from buying brand new sash window replacements or simply like your current design, a repair will probably be your most cost-effective solution. It can depend on the state of your windows but we’ll always present you with a range of options so that you can make the best decision for you.


Sash Windows Need Repairing?…

We’re ready to help out with any repairs you need. Whether it’s draught proofing, fixing locks, making them child friendly, repairing glazing, fixing the functionalist of your windows, replacing sash cords, putty, pulleys etc., we can definitely help - it’s not a problem for us. We will have seen a similar problem at some point in East London before. .