Fixing your draughty windows!
Kent locals take note!

It might not be that your house is cold because your old sash windows are single glazed. Because of the nature of sliding as opposed to hinging, it is inevitable that the guides will wear over time. Fortunately, most small draughts are repairable, which we encourage where it can save you money.

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Don't let a sash windows draught freeze your home in Kent!

Affordable Draught Repairs in Kent

For simple a sash window repair we do such as draught proofing, we won't alter the appearance so your window will retain its features. The seal we use won't be visible to the eye, but all of a sudden, you'll have a wonderfully insulated window and that cold draught will be gone! Even noise from the outside will be decreased, and you'll stop losing unnecessary energy in the home.


How does it work?

We will completely remove the sash from its frame. This way we can check the mechanisms properly and deliver a service to see if anything else is damaged. Pully wheels, weights, even the integrity of the wood will be checked, as of course, wood can wear over time. Cords are easily replaced with new ones. If we do have to partially replace any wood, we'll match it to the current type.