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Greenwich Sash Window Repairs and Restoration

TR Carpentry have been experts for carrying out draught proofing, repair, restoration, renovation, and double glazing to sash windows in Greenwich. We are the go to company for Greenwich sash windows in the local and surrounding areas. Retaining your original sash windows is always preferred; a lot of the time simple window sash repair is needed, and we always advise repair over full window sash replacement where possible. More often than not, sash windows can be saved. The question is whether repairs can be done economically, which can be done in most cases and will help minimize your sash windows cost. Especially where many windows need repair, sash windows prices can add up fast. Full sash window replacement can, on average, cost four times more than a simple service, draught proof or other repair! Here at sash windows south east London, we've been dealing with sash windows for over 20 years, and even for us it’s unbelievable that sash windows a century old can still be maintained with simple repairs, which is testament to the quality of timber used one hundred years ago; timber sash window repair will restore your windows to their original quality. With the correct knowledge, experience and equipment, even difficult repairs are possible. Restoring old wood windows will do wonders for your home, safe in the knowledge that your stunning original sash windows will last for many years to come.

Problems can be as simple as wear of the channels, causing the window to become extremely stiff and difficult to open and close. Restoring sash window channel balance can instantly make them run true and feel as good as new. Sash window locks can be a problem if they break, becoming an unwanted security issue for you. Should this happen, get in touch immediately and we’ll fix the lock as soon as possible, protecting your valuables and particularly any curious children! Window sash cord repair is another common problem, where cords have been subjected to sudden load, or simply where they’ve worn over time, meaning they cannot be opened and held in place. This is another quick fix we can happily provide. If you have a problem with your sash windows and want to know if it can be repaired, contact us now for a full list of window sash repair parts and we can advise on how to keep your window sash repair cost to a minimum.

Sash windows come in all different shapes and sizes. Now with modern materials, aluminium window sash replacement is common and wood can be overlooked as being old-fashioned or out of date. Quality wooden sash windows feel authentic and homely and may be the real gem of your house, both from outer appearance and inner feeling of comfort. Treat your wooden sash windows with respect and they’ll last a very long time. Wood gives a timeless look, and really adds character. Wooden sash windows may be one of the best gifts you give your house, keeping you incredibly warm and raising the value of your property.

Beautiful modern or Victorian sash windows can add a huge amount of value to your house, so they can even be a worthwhile investment for those looking to sell their homes. Although you won’t get to experience them, you can use the returned investment to buy beautiful sash windows in your new home!

Where window sash repair near me is not possible, a full replacement may be needed. Perhaps just one pane is damaged, so for example, a lower window sash replacement may be enough. It’s important to know where to purchase sash replacements, and our expertise ensures you get the best advice on your situation.

Have you simply had enough of your windows? Maybe wear has taken its toll, and rather than replace some sash window parts, you want something new, high quality and modern. Perhaps you live in an older home and you want some new double-glazed sash windows to reduce your energy costs. In particular, double-glazed PVCU sash windows are brilliant insulators and can really help during the colder months. Be certain to choose windows that are functional for your house with the style of your choice, to make sure you’ll be happy with for many years to come. To get an idea of what we can do, check out our image gallery to see pictures of a sash window, and click on each sash window image to zoom in.

TR Carpentry are the go to for sash windows in Greenwich and the surrounding areas, with over 20 years of experience. Get in touch to talk to a sash window specialist, or to ask for a free quote!

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