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5 Reasons Why People Love sash Windows

Sash windows have stood the test of time and are truly a treasure to any home that they reside in. These windows can be seen far and wide throughout England and in particular, plenty of sash windows east London.

It’s no surprise that these windows are still around and thriving due to their many benefits. We’ve created this article to list the many benefits of these beautiful and historic parts of property that will continue to live on for many years to come.

1. Repairable, Retainable and Adaptable

These windows are primarily made of timber, meaning that they can always be restored and repaired to their original design. You can have brand new replacement windows through simply a repair job. Of course, you can always have the old sash windows recreated, but with wood, unlike plastic, you can completely restore what you currently have to how it would have looked when it was first made. This makes sash windows completely retainable and repairable unlike plastic windows, which cannot be restored but will need to be replaced as plastic is not as adaptable as wood is.

Also, these windows are adaptable, meaning that you could change the style at any moment you wanted. It’s simply a case of removing the window from its casement and modifying the window how you want the new style to be and reinstalling the window. You could add double glazing, change the styling and add additional draught proofing without a massive cost.

The adaptability can go even further as you could create a unique modern feel by combining classical styles of various eras (e.g. Georgian or Edwardian) with a modern modern PVCU style. So, you can get really customisable with the windows you want in your home.

2. Elegance and Authenticity

Sash windows just look excellent! Their is something elegant and authentic about them. Perhaps it is because we live in such a modern world these days where almost nothing ‘old’ is kept and everything new is brought in. Mostly rightfully so as modern technology is more efficient, but people don’t want to get rid of sash windows! This is because they still look stunning and really add a classic feel to your home. Sure, the prices can be more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but you’re paying for that elegance a sash window brings - that classic feel that its modern counterpart often struggles to replicate.

Even better still, as mentioned above, you can keep your sash windows looking excellent simply through repair - you don’t need to look for a replacement if it gets damaged or weathered, the window can simply be restored to its original state!

3. A Rich History

There are several locations in East London, including Brockley, Hackney, Greenwich and more that have a deep set history of these windows. Sash windows started in the south of England and these locations are essentially main hubs for where their rich origins began. Having first come to England some 400 years ago, many windows in these areas of East London have windows that have been restored and repaired - but are still mostly the same window from when these windows first derived from this time period. Incredible!

These windows are timeless. We can’t envision a time in our lives that these will be replaced or go out of fashion. This also means that you as a sash window owner or buyer can be confident that these windows are only ever going to add value to your home, especially if you have very old sash windows that have not been replaced anytime since their initial existence many centuries ago.

4. Practicality

Despite their classic design, sash windows are still extremely practical and jut as practical as any other modern design. To open a sash window, you simply slide the bottom half of the window upwards to open it and keep the window open. The sash window lock works in a really simple way that just about anyone can work it without even having instruction. The design is very practical. The mechanics themselves aka pulleys etc. involved are particularly complex hence there being sash windows specialists as an industry by themselves, but their practical day to day use is very simple in comparison.

5. Safe

Despite their age, sash windows can still be made ‘child friendly’ by ensuring loose cords are never dangling around for a child to have an accident with. This can be achieved by sealing them away from sight. Plenty of windows can do this, but it is just for extra reassurance that you’re never ‘losing’ with sash windows, it has all of the main features as any brilliant window, it just has its own unique flares too, like how easy it is to repair. On top of being child friendly, sash windows can have great locking systems installed into them, meaning that your young children aren’t going to easily be able to slip out of your windows while you aren’t watching!

That’s it for now on the benefits of sash windows. These are why people love these windows. They have all of the benefits of most other windows, with their own unique benefits on top, like their timelessness, adaptability and how they are as safe as any other window out here.

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