Anyone from South East London can have Draught proof sash windows!

You can easily improve insulation through draught proofing. Additionally, you can remove rattles, stop dust and dirt getting into your property and add sound proofing to reduce noise. Draught proofing is the perfect choice for anyone with sash windows in good condition as you can reap the benefits of double glazed windows without having to replace them.

sash window draught proofing South East London

In South East London? Need Your Sash Windows Draught Proofing?

Eliminate All Draughts on Your Sash Windows

Draught proofing is simple but should always be effective. Our method is to seal gaps that surround your window, almost invisibly, to stop all cold air draughts occurring. Should your sash windows be in bad condition, part of our service includes various renovation to make the draught proofing work. An example of this might be replacing sash cords, resizing the sashes and making sure your windows open smoothly to avoid rattling noises.


Loads of Experience

We’ve been draught proofing week in and week out for decades at this point. Draught proofing is an easy way to boost quality of home life for you, your family and guests. Be rid of rattle, dust, noise and the cold!

Local South East London Reviews…

  • Had my sash windows repairs done by these guys. The job was large and had me worried but it all went well from start to finish. Thanks again and will be back. Repeat Customer from South London.

  • My casements were redone by Trevor and his lot. Couldn’t look better. They’ve even thrown in a little deal for me so I couldn’t ask for more really. All finished affordably on top and happy to recommend them to anyone. Repeat customer from South East London

  • No complaints as usual had my sash windows draught proofed and the rattling and cold breeze has now gone thanks. Repeat customer from Greenwich.