There are a couple of reasons you would need our draught proofing service. First is to remove the icy cold draught oozing through your windows! This can be really annoying in the winter. You turn the heating on but your home can’t retain any heat because it’s like your windows are open… The other is to remove rattle, which is equally annoying.

draught proofing renovation east london

Suffering from a draught or rattle in East London?

Cost Effective Draught Proofing In East London

When you need a simple sash window repair like draught proofing, we’ve completed thousands and thousands of these over the years. We’re confident our adaptable approach and immense experience will mean we can solve your problems with windows too. Better yet? No one will see the draught proofing work we do to your window. It might even be that your windows need a bit of renovation work if they’re to be properly draught proofed… We can do anything to get rid of that draught and rattle!


How does your draught proofing work?

Firstly, we remove the sash from the frame. We will then take the window back to our workshop to check the functionality. This includes everything from the hardwood itself, weights, putty, sliding mechanism and more. All the necessary repairs will be made on the window until it is totally sealed and draught proof. We’ll simply replace cords if they need replacing and restore any wood that is impeding having draught proof windows.