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The Best Service in Brockley

We have been servicing sash windows in Brockley for the last 30 years. Although based in Greenwich, we cover other local areas in south east London. Today, we want to discuss why we continue to be one of the leading sash window companies in this area. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a no obligation quote. Or, just call if you want some advice. 


Quality of product 

Sash windows are meant to last. We use the best hardwood you can buy for any of our installations or splicing. Your wood is the bulk of the product we deliver. It’s the wood that stands between your property and the elements. 

Using good materials ensures a long lasting product. Our reputation would soon be in the dumps if our wood rot, collapsed or weakened quickly. 

You can expect any word that we install or splice to be extremely durable to even the harshest of the Earth’s elements. Without a solid wood? You don’t have a solid product. Or service. 

As to the additional fixtures and fittings, we always go for quality. This goes for the glass, weights, metal, paint, cord and all other aspects of your windows. You quickly learn in life. Go cheap? You will pay twice. In the case of repairing sash windows for clients... if we were cheap and slumped out on materials, we would lose so much in company value. We would have less repeat clients. Less referrals. And less happy customers. Obviously, making an extra little bit of profit per job isn’t worth it to us compared to the other things mentioned. Do a good job, deliver a quality service and product - and you’ll always be in business. 


Quality of service

It’s no good having a quality product without a quality service. We have been over this in a recent article but will touch on our service now. 

We focus on being trusted, reliable, clean, professional, kind and skilful. 

You can count on us to provide good options and prices. To treat your house with respect, as if it was our own. 

We are reliable in that you can count on us to show up when we say we will. Sure, things change. If they do - we are communicative and let you know. Although we endeavor not to. 

Cleanliness is important. We will never NOT clean your house after completing a job. We also endeavour to keep your house clean and tidy DURING the project. Also, robust dust sheets are lain. 

Kindness is important for us. We’ll always show up to your house with a smile on our face. 

We’re skilled in that we’ve developed our carpentry, joinery and sash window craftsmanship for decades now. There are few (especially in Brockley) more experienced or skilled as us. You never quite learn EVERYTHING despite our extensive experience.  



Headed up by Trevor, we’re a small team that occasionally use other tradesman should the project be large and time sensitive. We have a network of tradesman in the area after so long in the trade. So if you need a hand with any other services, we might be able to refer you to a trusted tradesman. We provide services in a handful of area Brockley being one of them and also Greenwich.

People are what make a company. Trevor, or anyone else we could be affiliated with, will always act on the qualities described above. It keep us in business and it ensures you have an excellent local service at your disposal.



Price is obviously an important issue. Although you always get what you pay for... you’re going to want value for money. So we provide this. Our prices reflect the current market and ensure you get great value for money. 

Not only do we provide a great service and product, our price is extremely competitive with the market. Compare our prices to other services and you will see they are extremely similar if not better. Combine this with our product, service and people being high quality AND refined? There is no competition!!


... Wrapping up 

So, do you need sash window replacements? Or need any repairs? How about a new lick of paint to keep your wood alive and fighting against the elements? How is the function of your windows? Still working smoothly? Do they look as good as you want them to? Are they affecting the value of your home? Is the glazing insulating your home properly? Any drafts or rattles bothering you during this Winter? 

Or how about just getting some friendly advice?! 

I’m sure you know by now. But you can call T R Carpentry for anything sash window related that you need! 

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