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Pros and Cons of UPVC and Wooden Sash Windows

With the speed of which technology is advancing today, one would think that single-glazed are becoming less popular when compared to their double-glazed counterparts, but the reality is that this is not the case. Many properties in the UK still use single glazing which is usually thought to be a more traditional choice for properties of the period. We constantly see the issue arising when we are reparing sash windows in Brockley.

Although single glazing can preserve aesthetic qualities of the traditional sash window, it is often not quite up to scratch when it comes to functionality and performance, and therefore cost-effectiveness. In this piece we have compiled some of the pros and cons of timber sash and the PVCU replacements to help you decide which is the best option for you.



When it comes to push and shove, a frame made from plastic will never be able to outlive their wooden equivalents with regards to durability and lifespan. It’s often the case that customers who are looking to replace their wooden windows have homes that were built in the 19th century, which tells us a lot about the performance of the wood. When properly cared for wooden windows could last well over a century and their service life could be at least twice as long as PCVU frames.

Frames made from timber are also more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. On the other hand if you don’t look after these frames and maintain them as soon as they show any signs of wear and tear, you risk having to get them replaced due to the fact that even a small chip in paint or varnish could result in the spread of rot and decay. To prevent this it is usually better to opt for hardwood frames rather than softwood, as the latter tends to require more attention. 



When it comes to costs, the windows industry is like any other which has products which differ in performance and durability. Due to the durability of the wooden sash units they tend to be more expensive than their PVCU counterparts, so if your budget doesn’t allow for the higher costs then these may be the better option. That being said, double glazed PVCU and timber frames are both affordable, so it predominantly depends on your own preferences towards performances and aesthetics.



Many people claim that there’s nothing more visually appealing than wooden frames, and it’s impossible to recreate the original period traits with plastic. It’s totally down to your own preference and taste, especially if you prefer low maintenance over the perceived decorative value. You’re usually better off choosing a style to match with the original windows in order to maintain your property’s architectural design. 

Whatever your thoughts, our team are here to help you when it comes to everything regarding windows, so don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re delighted to help.  



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