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The Best Brockley Company For Your Sash Windows!

Here at TR Carpentry… We have been carpenters and joiners for over 30 years! A large majority of that time has been spent working with wooden sash windows in South London. Why? Well, we love it! There are so many types of joinery that you can go in to. For us? We liked sash windows the most. They look great, people need them and they’re fun to work with. No sash is quite the same, on the whole. We also get to meet loads of new people all the time throughout Brockley and the other local areas. So sash windows is what we settled on…

We mostly operate out of Greenwich and Brockley, but also work in other surrounding areas of South East London. 

Anyway. With that out the way. We want to toot our own horn and tell you why we think we are the best local option to help YOU with your sash windows. 



Even we are surprised when we get to properties and people are happy to let us get on with work on their property without them even being present. We take it this is because our longstanding reputation in the local areas, as well as the vibe we give off during quotations and when out and about. We’ve never had any issues (testimonials are always on hand!) and we’ve never had any issues with our clients either. We’re really lucky In that regard. 

Trust comes into all parts of the service. Whether it’s about honest advice on what you need to solve your problem, advice on materials, advice on the infamous double glazing! Trusting us to be in your property. Trusting that we will do a tremendous job on your windows… Everything!

So we are proud to be trusted in the community and will continue to be trustworthy until the day we hang up the tools!




With working in the carpentry and joinery space for three decades… You learn a thing or two! Before focusing on windows, we touched just about every aspect of carpentry and joinery. So we can turn our hands to just about anything. This set us in good stead for our sash window venture.

We can renovate and create just about any kind of sash window out there. Classic sash windows, double glazed sash windows, traditional sliding sash windows (vertical/horizontal), bay windows and more! We also have a power team of tradesman in the area who can assist us with other tasks when needed. We take ownership of our work and truly understand the history of sash windows

All our finishes are exemplary. You can expect the best possible outcome for your windows, always. All works are completed in our workshop, then fitted by our team at your property. 




Although our sash windows are completed to a high level, we have to stay competitive. With the market being flooded with cheap cowboys and undercutting, we’ve made sure our price are competitive. This helps us to deliver an excellent service. Sure, you want the best product. But why pay an arm and a leg for it? We combine quality and affordability. That’s why most of our work comes from referral and repeat business. 

Get in touch to see what our prices are like compared to other quotes you have had! You might be surprised. 




Anyone that represents TR Carpentry (we’re a small team) is friendly. It’s that simple. You aren’t going to want someone working at your property who isn’t personable. We will always come with good energy, smiles and to be a pleasure at your property. 

Many tradesman have the opposite effect. Therefore, the industry has a bad name. Don’t worry! We aren’t like that at all. 



Your home is important to you. We get it. We are NOT the t type to show up and make a mockery of your prized possession and trash it. Sure, there might be a bit of unavoidable/temporary dirt etc. … But we will always lay down dust sheets and do our utmost to stay clean. 

After completing any works, we will ensure to leave your property as we found it… Other than the window work you had completed, of course. We will never leave your property dirty and messy. 


And that’s it!

There’s more to our service but this covers some of the main bases. If you have any problems with your windows, just get in touch and let us know. We operate in Brockley, Greenwich and other local areas in South East London. We’d happy to come and give you a free, no obligation quote to see if we can help out! 

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